Space and Time

An experimental space for contemporary artistic expression – Frankfurt LAB offers artists space and time.

At Frankfurt LAB projects are produced by internationally renowned ensembles dedicated to contemporary music, dance and theatre – in collaboration with recognised artistic training institutions.

In the production and performance halls of Frankfurt LAB artists have at their disposal that rare luxury of time and space to experimentally develop and try out new works and/or performances in the laboratory. At the same time, the production process and its results are to be conveyed to the audience as well as to school children and students in the Frankfurt Rhine Main region. Research, production and outreach programs are therefore key tasks of this laboratory.

Frankfurt LAB is intended as a "laboratory of contemporary artistic expression", a place for experiments that can scarcely been realised within the organisational and spatial constraints of theatres. New forms of presentation and communication are to be developed here that react spontaneously and flexibly to current developments. For those interested in art this means a venue boasting not a fixed program but rather the flexibility to hold public presentations at short notice, a venue that invites the public to explore the work of the artists operating at Frankfurt LAB. This means that not only the result but also the artistic process as an aesthetic experience is at the forefront – for the artists themselves and for the audience. The new constellation created here penetrates deeply into the traditional relationship between the artist and the observer, between art production and art reception, indeed questioning the self-evidence of this established structure. And because art production, artistic training and experiencing art are all closely interwoven they also open up new perspectives for discourse in art theory. By concentrating production, training and research, art practice, theoretical reflection and reception at one shared location Frankfurt LAB goes beyond any similar approaches seen at other institutions in this context.

Frankfurt LAB is based upon the experience of those institutions instrumental to its foundation –experience with interdisciplinary projects spanning various fields and with projects like the "Motion Bank" set up as a cooperation between The Forsythe Company and the HfMDK and other partners. And all this experience benefits the project – establishing the Frankfurt Rhine Main region at the very forefront of contemporary performative art internationally.

Frankfurt LAB on the Schmidtstraße constitutes a key step towards strengthening contemporary music and performing arts in the Frankfurt Rhine Main region, one that wishes to establish itself as a forerunner of modern expression amongst the cultural metropolises of Europe.

PERSPECTIVESThe Frankfurt LAB project has financing for an initial four years. Funding by the Kulturfonds Frankurt RheinMain and the foundations Polytechnische Gesellschaft and BHF-BANK-Stiftung will cover rental of the premises in addition to basic technical equipment. The actual projects carried out here have to be financed by the LAB "protagonists" themselves. The extent to which opportunities and risks develop and possibly change is to be examined during the funding period: analysis is also part of project design.

It is the wish of all those involved that the laboratory remains located at Schmidtstraße 12 until the planned Kultur-Campus Bockenheim with Frankfurt’s new music and performing arts academy Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main is completed. This is where the project will then be permanently housed.